Founded in 1964 Hamta Group provides a range of turnkey solutions and services to variety of industries in the Middle East. We are also sole agent of some of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the world.
Our group is supported by very solid financial backing, which is a result of our long history and varied experience.

We’ve been in business for almost 50 years and throughout that time we have constantly refined our operations to be as efficient as possible. At the moment our group comprises of 4 main business units.


Hamta is a respected and well- known name within graphic arts community in the Middle East. All the major regional players in the Middle East printing industry including printers, suppliers and trade associations recognize Hamta group as a key player in graphic industry in the Middle East. We are the exclusive agent for 27 international manufacturers and suppliers in graphic arts industry.


Our food business unit is rapidly growing. During 2013-2012 fiscal year this unit generated more than $ 200 million USD in sales and we are working closely with top international food industry players around the globe. When it comes to food industry we boast local knowledge plus international support.


Hamta was the franchise holder of Ford Motors prior to the 1979 Iranian revolution. Backed by our legacy in automotive industry, in 2013 we decided to re-enter this market. Since the beginning of 2013 we have been exporting and delivering cars to Iraq market. By taking advantage of our financial strength we successfully opened two modern and state-of- the –art car service centres in Iran and Iraq to ensure buyers access to proper maintenance and spare parts. We are committed to invest substantially in this sector to respond to the increasing demand for all kinds of cars in both countries.


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We are almost halfway through the first decade of 21st century and we are witnessing with awe, a seismic shift in global businesses practices. We find ourselves part of a global society undergoing major changes at an unprecedented rate, and how we adjust to those changes will determine our success as an organization able to meet its customers’ demand for new technology and better efficiency.
With the goal to fill the gap between our customers’ demand for top of the line products and state-of-the art technology available in the market Hamta Group is relying on top notch experts and 50 years of valuable experience in offering innovative turnkey solutions. Our ability to respond to ever- changing consumers’ demand and priorities as well as our flexibility to face the uncertainties and fluid market conditions in the Middle East have galvanized our position as a leading entrepreneur and solution provider to customers across the board.
Hamta Group is also committed to protecting the environment through continuous improvement of its processes, products, and services. We believe business development and good environmental practices go together. We're constantly evaluating how our efforts are performing and we are always trying to find new ways to reward those who put their trust on us. Last but not least I would like to express my gratitude to all our valuable customers. We’ll do whatever it takes to offer best possible services worthy of our business partners and clients across the region and beyond.





Hamta company is an environmentally conscience company. We stay away from hazardous material, refraining our employees from using them as well. We manage our waste responsibly and legally. We are encouraging our employees to respect the environment and save energy. We work to create a better working environment and contribute to the sustainable development. We have set clear objectives and guidelines for our green approach. As a company working with top European manufacturers and leading suppliers of industrial and consumer products we have been expected to impose strict environmental safety standards across all divisions and units within our group. However for us looking after the eco system is not just a business imperative it is part of our moral codes. We strongly believe that ethical environmental practices are in total conformity with day to day business activities. We constantly evaluate our operations and fine tune them in accordance with new environmental regulations. We strongly believe running an ecofriendly business helps us reduce our impact on the environment and preserves natural resources.
We constantly look at our business activities to see if we can do anything differently. From using recycled material to ecofriendly warehousing we strive to be in total harmony with our environment. We are determined to reduce our carbon footprint by assessing and measuring it. Although we are working and living in a region that environment is not its first priority but we are confident that our green approach is in our best interest and the people who rely on us.
Hamta Group has introduced a training program for its staff in order to draw their attention to environmental issues as well as encourage them to throw their support behind company’s green initiatives.